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  • Our Vision

    Student Focused, Partnership Driven
    To deliver unparalleled educational advocacy, outreach, and partnerships for military-connected students around the globe!

School Liaison

The Air Force School Liaison Office (SLO) helps parents ease the impact of the mobile military lifestyle for their children. The SLO provides information prior to a move, upon arrival and while stationed at an installation. One of the important roles of the School Liaison is to connect families, schools and the military community in order to facilitate the educational transition and academic experience of military children.

This is what I do for you  - the 7 C's of CYES

I work with you and your family to find the best fit for public, private, charter, virtual or homeschooled educational settings for your child. 

  • Connecting schools, families and communities to meet the unique needs of PreK-12 military-connected students

  • Cultivate communication pathways between families, schools, community stakeholders and the military

  • Customize real-time solutions for military-connected students facing transitional barriers and educational gaps

  • Collaborate with community stakeholders to build a platform for enhanced educational opportunities and partnerships

  • Comprehensive professional development for educators to understand the military lifestyle

  • Construct a network of extensive resources for building resilient communities

  • Create a system of support for military-connected students experiencing parental deployment or separation

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School Liaison

6001 Arnold St
Oklahoma City, OK 73145

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    7:30 AM- 4 PM
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