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Household Goods Arrival

  1. HHG Arrival Email: Your Soldier will receive an email once your HHG has arrived. Your soldier has 3 hours to respond and request a specific delivery date. Dates book fast during the peak summer PCS season.
  2. Schedule Temporary Furniture Pick Up: Call the Warehouse at least 3 days before desired pick up.
  3. Before Unpacking: Let movers know what you expect.
    • Will movers unload only? Unpack all/some boxes? Are rooms labeled to indicate where boxes go?
    • Be thankful for the movers’ work and perhaps offer refreshing drinks and snacks.
  4. Unloading: Ensure each box that shipped has arrived. Check each item off the inventory list as it’s unloaded.
    NOTE: If you’re lucky and have 2 people handy, put one by the truck to coordinate unloading (and check boxes off the inventory list) and another inside to help indicate where to put boxes and what to unpack.
  5. Unpacking: Make sure movers take all trash with them. It’s in their contract!
  6. Inspect Home/Gate Entrance: Sometimes movers accidentally damage your home or property. You must make note of it on your HHG paperwork on the day the movers arrive to ensure that you are not held liable for the damages.
  7. Sign Paperwork: If you’re missing boxes or have damaged HHG items, note all of this on your paperwork in the comments section before signing (if you notice something later you can still file a claim). Get copies of all the paperwork.
    NOTE: Don’t let movers talk you out of listing damage done to your goods or property on the day they unpacked. Also, take pictures of any damages as you find them because you will need these photos to submit a damage claim.
  8. Moving Survey: A Quality Control Inspector from the Army’s Transportation Management Office (TMO) will visit your home to do a movers survey usually within a week of HHG delivery. Honest feedback is welcome.
  9. Claims: You have 75 days (including delivery day) to submit a notice of loss to your TSP. Then, you have 9 months from delivery to submit your claim in order to be eligible for full replacement value (or within 2 years to get depreciated value). You’ll need to submit photos and purchase receipts for damaged items. Keep any paperwork until all claims are processed. Contact your local Military Claims Office for more information.
If you have any issues on moving day, contact: Personal Property Office at Caserma Ederle.